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Mumia updates: Updates on Mumia Abu-Jamal's case 04/12/2008
Carlow preschool closure: Carlow University to close preschool in favor of dorm rooms 04/08/2008
Confronting Racist Bar Owner: Antiracists respond to "Wetback Wednesdays" 04/06/2008
Neville Island workers locked out: Calgon Carbon locks out union workers on Neville Island 03/21/2008
Ellerbe Case Verdict: Jury says Michael Ellerbe was shot intentionally by State Troopers 03/11/2008
Drink Tax "Astroturf": An Open Letter to the Drink Tax "Astroturf" 11/18/2007
Port Authority Board passes service cuts: Port Authority Board passes service cuts 03/30/2007
4th Anniv. Protest: Pittsburghers Commemorate 4th Anniversary of the War 03/26/2007
Robo-lockdown: Local military robotics center shut down by protest 03/05/2007
Green Mayor?: Pittsburgh's Green Mayor? 03/01/2007
Casino Board Decides: Decision: No Casino on the Hill 12/21/2006
"Faces of Democracy" Film Festival at CMU: "Faces of Democracy" Film Festival at CMU 11/30/2006
Labor activists picket Starbucks in Squirrel Hill: Labor activists picket Starbucks in Squirrel Hill 11/28/2006
Casino proposal for the Hill District: Residents say No Casino on the Hill! 11/22/2006
Angela Davis Recieves Thomas Merton Award: Angela Davis Recieves 2006 Thomas Merton Award 11/13/2006
Staughton Lynd & Mumia Abu-Jamal on John Brown: Staughton Lynd and Mumia Abu-Jamal on John Brown's Legacy - recorded lectures and discussion 11/12/2006
NYC Indymedia Videographer Killed by Paramilitaries in Oaxaca: NYC Indymedia Videographer Killed by Paramilitaries in Oaxaca [UPDATED] 10/28/2006
Student/Farmworker Alliance Protest at McDonalds: Student/Farmworker Alliance Protest at McDonalds 10/29/2006
Stolen Lives Remembered on October 22: Stolen Lives Remembered on October 22 10/28/2006
Amy Goodman recording - 2006 speaking tour at CMU: Breaking the Sound Barrier: Amy Goodman's 2006 speaking tour in Pittsburgh 10/14/2006
local McDonalds picket on Friday Oct 27, 4pm: National Days of Action for farmworkers; McDonalds picket planned for Pittsburgh 10/18/2006
Gov. Bush Hides in Closet: Gov. Jeb Bush Hides from Activists in T-Station Supply Closet 10/09/2006
Rustbelt TV - new season: Rustbelt TV for Summer 2006! 08/27/2006
In Braddock, Resistance to the Mon-Fayette Grows: In Braddock, Resistance to the Mon-Fayette Grows 07/26/2006
All Star Game: Protests, security and more at the All Star Game in Pittsburgh 07/19/2006
Critical Mass Video: Indymedia Video: June 2006 Critical Mass 07/16/2006
Minimum Wage: Pennsylvania to increase minimum wage statewide 07/06/2006
Air pollution in Pennsylvania: PA state legislature debates mercury standards 06/05/2006
TMC awards: Thomas Merton Center to honor Rustbelt Radio, others 05/03/2006
May 1st in Pittsburgh: May 1st in Pittsburgh 05/03/2006
PA Ecoterrorism Bill Signed: Governor Rendell Signs PA Ecoterrorism Bill into Law 04/17/2006
Elaine Brown Speech: Elaine Brown speaks on New Age Racism 04/14/2006
Critical Mass: Irate police officer interrupts Critical Mass 03/31/2006
M18 Protest Update: Anti-war protests mark the 3rd anniversary of Iraq invasion 03/19/2006
FBI is spying on local peace activists: New documents uncover FBI monitoring of the Thomas Merton Center 03/18/2006
P-T Teacher Strike: Penn-Trafford teachers, lacking contract, strike 10/27/2005
Meet your IMC Saturday, Oct. 1: Meet your IMC Saturday, Oct. 1 09/28/2005
Legal Update for A20 Arrestees: Legal Update for August 20 Counter-Recruitment Arrestees 10/07/2005
Carnegie Mellon Red Team: Funded by Caterpillar, for DARPA: Carnegie Mellon Red Team: Funded by Caterpillar, for DARPA 08/29/2005
Activists return to Oakland Recruiting Station: Activists return to Oakland Recruiting Station 08/28/2005
police aggression against counter-recruitment protestors: Counter-Recruitment demonstrators shot with Tasers, bitten by dogs 08/21/2005
State Utility Law: New Pennsylvania Utility law linked to deaths 07/23/2005
Rustbelt TV: New Episode, Summer 2005: Rustbelt TV: New Episode, Summer 2005 07/17/2005
Weed and Seed: Weed and Seed program in Garfield faces federal cutback and local criticism 07/14/2005
Minimum Wage: Rally to Raise the Minimum Wage 07/03/2005
IMC Bristol Server Seized: In leadup to G8 Conference, Indymedia server in the UK seized 06/30/2005
Bringing Stonewall to Santorum: Bringing Stonewall to Santorum 06/30/2005
Critical Mass: June 2005: Pittsburgh's largest critical mass ever! 06/27/2005
Mountain Justice Summer: Mountain Justice Summer sweeps through Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Tennessee 06/26/2005
Iraqi Labor leaders visit Pittsburgh: Iraqi Labor leaders visit Pittsburgh 06/24/2005
The Port Authority Cuts Service: The Port Authority Cuts Service 06/24/2005
Resysting Assimilation: Resysting Assimilation at Pittsburgh's PrideFest 06/21/2005
Anti-Massey Coal Protest: West VIrginia residents confront Massey Energy Co. 05/24/2005
PAT Moves Towards Privatization: Port Authority Moves Towards Privatization 05/24/2005
POG Shuts Down Military Recruitment Center in Oakland: POG Shuts Down Military Recruitment Center in Oakland 05/15/2005
Ballot Initiatives: Ballot Initiatives: Growing Greener & Row Office Reform? 05/04/2005
The 2005 New Person Awards: The 2005 New Person Awards to Celebrate Labor and Community Solidarity 05/03/2005
Mayoral election: Pittsburgh mayoral candidates discuss urban life and police acountability 04/27/2005
POG Shuts Down Army Recruiters at CMU: POG Shuts Down Army Recruiters at CMU 04/27/2005
PA Legislature To Tax Food?: Five finger your groceries? It's either that or pay 5 cents on each dollar of groceries you buy. 04/06/2005
Darfur Emergency Protest in Squirrel Hill: Darfur Emergency Protest in Squirrel Hill 04/06/2005
Students in Solidarity Dance to Oppose Sweatshops: Students in Solidarity Dance to Oppose Sweatshops 04/02/2005
3,000 Protest in Pittsburgh: 3,000 Mark the Second Anniversary of the Iraq War 03/19/2005
March 19th Planning: Pittsburgh: End the War, Rebuild our Communities 03/17/2005
Norman Finkelstein Lectures in Pittsburgh: Norman Finkelstein Lectures at CMU 03/17/2005
Two Arrested at Bush Protest: Two Arrested at Bush Protest 03/17/2005
Valentines Day Activism: St. Valentine's Day a Day for Activists in Pittsburgh 02/26/2005
Black Nationalism and Anarchism: Malik Zulu Shabazz in Pittsburgh 02/22/2005
Smokestack 6 Face Jail Time: Greenpeace Protestors Go to Jail 02/22/2005
ACORN Protests Tax Ripoff Services: ACORN Protests Tax Ripoff Services 02/22/2005
FBI Visits TMC Intern and Staff: FBI Visits TMC Intern and Staff 01/29/2005
Rustbelt Radio: Pittsburgh Indymedia's Rustbelt Radio expands to weekly schedule and is picked up by a second station in West Virginia 01/24/2005
MLK Events: MLK Weekend Events in Pittsburgh 01/18/2005
Steelers Fans Against War: Steelers: 16-1. WMD found: 0 01/18/2005
Mountain Top Removal in the Appalachian Region: Mountain Top Removal in the Appalachian Region 01/17/2005
Pgh IMC video screenings: Sunday IMC video screenings 01/12/2005
Public Transit Advocates Descend on the State Legislature: Public Transit Advocates Descend on the State Legislature 01/06/2005
Public Transit Fare Hikes and Service Cuts coming soon: Public Transit Fare Hikes, Service Cuts and Lay-Offs to start on February 1st 12/16/2004
US Attorney Drops Civil Rights Case: US Attorney Drops Ellerbe Civil Rights Case 12/15/2004
Exposing "Victoria's Dirty Secret": Exposing "Victoria's Dirty Secret" 12/15/2004
Death toll for journalists is highest in decade: Death Toll for Journalists is Highest in Decade: We Shall Overcome, Say Filipino Journalists 12/14/2004
ACT 47: Yes; PAT: No: ACT 47: Yes; PAT: No 12/03/2004
Indymedia Celebrates 5 Years: Indymedia Celebrates 5 Years 12/01/2004
Transit Cuts: PA Legislature adjourns, tells public transit riders to go to hell 12/01/2004
Amy Goodman Returns to Pittsburgh: Amy Goodman Returns to Pittsburgh 11/21/2004
Four Days in November: Four Days in November 11/07/2004
Post-Election Fallout: Election Ends With Reports of Widespread Voting Problems; Protests Planned for TODAY 11/03/2004
Pennsylvania: Ground Zero, Election 2004: Pennsylvania: Ground Zero, Election 2004 11/02/2004
Pennsylvania Transit Still In Jeopardy: Pennsylvania Transit Still In Jeopardy 11/02/2004
Voter Registrations Changed in Scam: Voter Party Registrations Changed in Scam 11/02/2004
Green Party, Independents See Gains in Registration: PA Green Party, Independents See Gains in Registration in Allegheny County 11/02/2004
Pittsburgh Protests Police Brutality: Pittsburgh Joins 32 Cities to Protest Police Brutality 10/26/2004
Politicans Visit CMU: Politicans Visit Carnegie Mellon, Community Reacts 10/24/2004
Bangladesh Workers' Tour: Pittsburghers Standing in Solidarity with Bangladeshi garment workers 10/17/2004
Protesters oppose Iams' cruel tests on dogs and cats: Protesters oppose Iams' cruel tests on dogs and cats 10/21/2004
Love Your Body Action: Love Your Body Action 10/21/2004
Indymedia solidarity: Indymedia's hardware is returned; call for solidarity 10/15/2004
USA PATRIOT Act: Patriot Act Town Meeting Brings Together Residents of Edgewood and Neighboring Communities 10/15/2004
DA refuses to prosecute police: DA refuses to prosecute police who shot and killed Bernard Rogers 10/13/2004
Health Care Rally at Centre City Tower: Health Care Rally at Centre City Tower 10/08/2004
FBI Seizes IMC Servers in the UK: FBI Seizes IMC Servers in the UK 10/08/2004
Police Brutality: Police Brutality in Pittsburgh: Looking Forwards, Looking Back 10/07/2004
Diebold Fined for Fraudulent Threats: Diebold Loses Copyright Case Against San Francisco ISP 10/06/2004
Save Our Transit Visits Harrisburg: Save Our Transit Visits Harrisburg 10/06/2004
Animal Rights: Activists Shame KFC in Oakland 10/04/2004
Radio Stations shut down by US Government: Community Radio Stations Targeted by Feds 10/01/2004
Federal Court Strikes Down Patriot Act Surveillance Power: Federal Court Strikes Down Patriot Act Surveillance Power 09/30/2004
Anti-Facism in Pennsylvania: Facists Confronted in Valley Forge, PA 09/28/2004
Nader Visits WPIC Nurses' Strike: Nader Visits WPIC Nurses' Strike 09/27/2004
Electoral Roundup: Don't Just Vote? 09/23/2004
Vice Presidential Debates: Protest the VP Debates in Cleveland, Oct. 5 09/23/2004
City to Install Surveillance System: Shrugging Off Big Brother Concerns, City Will Install Surveillance Network With Federal Grant 09/16/2004
Save Our Transit: 'Save Our Transit' Rallies For State Bills To Increase Bus, Light Rail Funds 09/15/2004
Nurses on Strike: Western Psych Nurses on Strike 09/11/2004
1000 U.S. Dead in Iraq: Candlelight Vigil in Regent Square 09/10/2004
Indymedia and government harassment: Secret Service vs. Indymedia: Local Activist Targetted by subpoena 09/06/2004
Kissinger to Speak in Pittsburgh: War Criminal Kissinger to Speak at Robert Morris University 09/01/2004
PNC Bank and Money Laundering: PNC Bank, Which Funds Payday Lenders, Wants to Buy Money-Laundering Riggs Bank 08/25/2004
Healthcare Not Warfare: Healthcare Not Warfare: PUSH and Merton Center Plan March Together 08/10/2004
Animal Rights: Bikki Drops Foie Gras, Thanks to Local Campaign 08/08/2004
Bush Protested: Bush Visits Pittsburgh, accompanied by Billionaires for Bush 08/02/2004
Amy Goodman: Amy Goodman Visits Pittsburgh 07/18/2004
Free Speech at the Regatta?: Infringements on freedom of speech at the Three Rivers Regatta 07/14/2004
ACT 47: ACT 47 Plan Becomes Law 07/02/2004
June 30 Banner Drops: Pittsburgh Challenges Sham Sovereignty 06/30/2004
Clean Air: Greenpeace protest at local power plant 06/25/2004
G8 Summit Kicks Off: G8 Summit Kicks Off; Unprecedented Police and Military Build-Up Stymies Democratic Dissent in Coastal Georgia and San Francisco 06/09/2004
Action Against Torture of Iraqis: Pittsburgh Responds to Torture of Iraqis by American Soldiers 06/07/2004
Bicyclist Rights: Ghost Bike Pittsburgh Commemorates Bicyclist Deaths 05/26/2004
Bioweapons: Bioterrorism at Pittsburgh Universities 05/25/2004
PAPV press conference: People Against Police Violence calls for special prosecutor 05/20/2004
Campaign against Foie Gras: Animal Rights Activists Campaign Against Foie Gras 05/18/2004
Emergency Anti-War Protest: Pittsburgh Remembers the Dead, Targets Local Institutions for Complicity 05/17/2004
Graner: Currently Employed PA Prison Guard Supervised Torture of Iraqis 05/12/2004
elections: Activists discuss voting during US National Election season 05/06/2004
PBORDC Victory: Pittsburgh City Council Passes Pro-Civil Liberties Resolution 04/26/2004
bush protest: Six Arrests at Bush Protest 04/20/2004
NRA: Pittsburgh Says "NO" to the NRA 04/20/2004
Healthcare: Justice for Janitors: City Janitors Demand Healthcare 04/08/2004
Free Mumia Campaign: Mumia Abu Jamal Book Release Recognized 04/08/2004
Free Mumia Campaign: Mumia Abu Jamal Book Release Recognized 04/08/2004
Wal-Mart in Western PA: Wal-Mart: Coming to a Town Near You! 03/25/2004
IMC Video Screening: IMC Video Screening 03/21/2004
The World Still Says No To War: 1 year later: Pittsburgh marches, rallies, and sits-in against war and militarism 03/21/2004
M20 Coverage: Volunteers Needed to cover March 20th Demonstrations 03/15/2004
Semester at Sea protest: Pitt "Semester at Sea" students protest Bush in the Pacific 03/20/2004
m20_preview: Pittsburgh Anti-War Convergence Organizing Goes into High Gear 03/12/2004
M20: Pittsburgh Anti-War Convergence Organizing Goes in High Gear 03/12/2004
Anti-Death Penalty: Residents Urge Death Penalty Moratorium 03/07/2004
Equal Rights: IUP Students Demand Equal Marriage Rights For All 03/06/2004
Hip Hop and Politics: Talib Kweli speaks at Pitt 02/14/2004
Privatization: Pittsburgh City Mechanics to be Privatized 02/12/2004
Justice for Janitors: Justice for Janitors in Downtown Pittsburgh 01/23/2004
Democracy Now: Democracy Now airing every weekday on WRCT 88.3 FM 01/23/2004
Against Police Violence: PAPV marches against Police Violence on MLK Holiday 01/20/2004
Against Police Violence: PAPV marches against Police Violence on MLK Holiday 01/20/2004
People's Strike: People's Strike Arrestees Get Justice in Court 01/04/2004
City Budget Crisis: Corporate Agenda Dominates Pittsburgh's Budget 01/04/2004
IMC Radio: Pittsburgh IMC Radio Project Wants Your Help 01/04/2004
Pittsburgh police: Police dept. violence condemned ; stun guns on the way 12/24/2003
Website Migration: Pittsburgh IMC unveils Updated Website 12/13/2003
USA PATRIOT Act: Residents Turn Out for Civil Liberties Resolution 12/11/2003
Right to Organize: Day of Action: Workers Rights are Human Rights 12/11/2003
Bush Protested: One Arrest at Bush Protest 12/02/2003
Public Housing: Public housing residents call for full funding 10/14/2003
World Day Against the Death Penalty: Pennsylvania Residents Demand Death Penalty Moratorium 10/12/2003
War on Terror Anniversary: Remembering Afghanistan 10/07/2003
Faculty Near Strike: Pennsylvania Faculty Union May Go On Strike 10/07/2003
Immigrant Rights: Pittsburgh Welcomes Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride 10/01/2003
Ashcroft Visit Protested: Pittsburghers Protest USA PATRIOT Act during Ashcroft Visit 09/23/2003
Where are our priorities?: Pittsburgh Leaders Eat Cake While Services, Transit Crumble 09/23/2003
WTO: Cancún Solidarity in Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh to Join WTO Protests in Cancún and Around the World 09/10/2003
Radical Community Center in Jeopardy: Project 1877 Emergency meeting called 09/09/2003
Police Critics Repressed: People Against Police Violence Under Attack 09/03/2003
Military Families Speak Out: Military Familes Speak Out in Pittsburgh 08/25/2003
War resistance: A24 March Cut Short by Arrest 08/24/2003
War Resistance: Pittsburgh Protests Occupation of Iraq 08/24/2003
Pittsburgh IMC Workshops and Open House: Pittsburgh IMC hosts weekend of events 08/15/2003
War Resistance: Money for Jobs, Not for War: Bring our Troops Home Now 08/11/2003
Worker Safety: City, OSHA Still Need to Act on Worker Safety Issues, Police Violence 08/11/2003
upcoming verizon strike: 08/08/2003
upcoming Verizon strike: Verizon Workers Ready for Strike, Negotiations Continue 08/08/2003
Bush To Visit Pittsburgh: Bush To Visit Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh to Protest Bush 07/25/2003
Pgh Bill of Rights Defense Campaign: New Campaign Strives to Make ``Pittsburgh a Civil Liberties Safe Zone'' 07/12/2003
Coalfield Justice Day of Action: Locals speak out against CONSOL Coal Mining 07/05/2003
queer as fuck 2003: Radical Queer Activists at PrideFest 2003 06/19/2003
Pittsburgh responds to court decision: Historic Supreme Court ruling on sodomy law due soon: demonstrations planned in Pittsburgh and around the nation 06/14/2003
Activists outline plan for national forest in PA: Forest activists propose changes to national forest 05/30/2003
FCC and Clear Channel protest in Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh joins nation in uproar over Media Monopolization 05/29/2003
IMC Starts a Radio Show: Pittsburgh IMC Starts a Radio Show 05/21/2003
Massive transit cuts announced: PAT Puts Weekend, Evening Service on Chopping Block 05/15/2003
Fred Phelps Chickens Out: Phelps Group Met by Counter-Protest at Mr. Rogers Memorial Service 05/04/2003
Regional reconvergence: Regional Anti-War Reconvergence 04/26/2003
Critical Mass ends in Arrest: Bikes not welcome on Pittsburgh streets? 04/25/2003
Oliver North Speaks: Oliver North to Visit Pittsburgh 04/24/2003
Rick Santorum Blasted: PA Senator Rick Santorum Blasted for Anti-Gay Remarks 04/22/2003
Pittsburgh 122 in Court: Pittsburgh 122 Trudge Through Legal System 04/11/2003
A03: Silent Marchers Mourn Dead in Iraqi War 04/04/2003
M30: Police aggression, arrests mar peace march 03/30/2003
Quiet Resistance: Quiet Resistance as Body Count Grows 03/25/2003
PAPV march: Hundreds support People Against Police Violence 03/22/2003
m20-21 wrapup: Battered demonstrators to pursue legal action 03/22/2003
breaking news downtown: Breaking news downtown M21 03/21/2003
M20 wrapup: M20: Close to 1,000 March Downtown 03/21/2003
M20 Breaking News: M20 Breaking News 03/20/2003
student strike: Pittsburgh anti-war reaction: Student Strike, downtown actions 03/19/2003
M16 Anti-War March: Anti-War Marchers Bring Message to the Streets 03/16/2003
Emergency Plans for War: Pittsburgh Gears Up for War: Not Without a Fight! 03/13/2003
City Council Says No To War: Pittsburgh City Council Passes Anti-War Resolution 03/04/2003
Anti-War March Snakes Through Oakland: Anti-War March Snakes Through Oakland 03/03/2003
breaking protest news: breaking news from oakland anti-war march 03/02/2003
Pittsburgh IMC Gets a Space: Pittsburgh IMC Gets a Space 02/25/2003
Lincoln to Bush: No War on Iraq: Lincoln to Bush: No War on Iraq 02/25/2003
Special Registration Protest: Pittsburgh says "No!" to Special Registration 02/25/2003
Uniontown rally: Citizens rally in Uniontown to protest police killings 02/17/2003
Student strike: Students prepare for a day of strike against the war 02/15/2003
Local Activist Sentenced in SOA Case: Local Activist Sentenced in SOA Trespassing Case 02/12/2003
Future of Dissent in Pittsburgh: Activists talk tactics, continue to voice opposition to Iraq War 02/04/2003
convergence summary: More than 5,000 march against Iraq War 01/27/2003
NEWER breaking news: J26: Breaking News from the Convergence 01/26/2003
convergence breaking news: J25: Breaking News from the Convergence 01/25/2003
Convergence!: Anti-war forces converge in Pittsburgh 01/21/2003
Penn State: Land sale at PSU ends abruptly amidst controversy 01/24/2003
Workshop_update: Making Media Workshop a success! 01/22/2003
Workshop: PIttsburgh IMC presents Making the Media Workshop 01/16/2003
Campus Activism: Past Semester an Active One for Country's Most Apathetic 01/12/2003
convergence-invite: January 24th-26th: Be the Media 01/03/2003
Getu's case closed: Legal immigrant accused of terrorism gets his day in court 12/31/2002
The community speaks out: Citizens discuss the future of community oriented policing 11/14/2002
S27: Standing in Solidarity: Pittsburghers face jail time after People's Strike is interrupted by mass arrests 09/30/2002
Pittsburgh IMC Open House: Pittsburgh IMC weekend of events 08/15/2003
Pittsburgh Critical Mass: Pittsburgh Critical Mass 08/31/2002
Animal Rights At Pitt: Animal Rights At Pitt 08/31/2002
Pitt Hikes Tuition: Pitt Hikes Tution 07/16/2002
Saving Transit in Pittsburgh: Saving Transit in Pittsburgh -- Local Activists Mobilize 05/24/2002
Pittsburgh Pridefest 2007: Pittsburgh Pridefest 2007 07/17/2007
Confronting Navy Recuiters at Regatta: Confronting Navy Recuiters at Regatta 07/17/2007

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